How can U-PARTY assist with my event?

U-PARTY will assist with the logistics, planning,security and marketing, including social media for your event.
The U-PARTY team has extensive experience in these fields to help make your fundraiser a success.

Do you have your own security team?

U-PARTY works with an experienced security team trained to work at under 18 events.
The team ensures no alcohol, cigarettes or over 18s are allowed into the venue.
Security is placed around the venue at key points to ensure safety.

How long do we need to plan an event with U-PARTY?

U-PARTY allows 12 -14 weeks unless it’s a community event which will need more time.

Which other schools have you worked with?

U-PARTY has 19 years of assisting schools nationwide with fundraiser events which has grown the list of schools extensively. Please follow the link.

Do you only do under 18 socials for schools?

U-PARTY has been assisting schools with under 18 fundraiser events for 19 years but also has extensive experience and success with school community days. e.g. St John’s On The Night, Sacred Heart Music Fest and Waterstone Family Festival.

How can I buy tickets to U-PARTY events?

1. Physical: Tickets can be purchased at the school hosting the event prior to the event. Some schools allow tickets to be purchased at the door on the day of the event.
2. Online tickets: tickets are sold through a trusted and established online provider e.g.. web tickets. Please check the event schedule for the specific event website.

Is it safe to purchase online tickets for a U-PARTY event?

U-PARTY makes use of a trusted and reliable online ticket provider e.g. Webtickets.
Tickets have individual QR codes which are scanned from a printed ticket or on your mobile phone at the event.
Once a ticket is scanned, it cannot be rescanned and duplicated.